Agricultural engineering- Sciences and Food Industry with sub-discipline of food conversion-BSc

A large portion of agricultural produce has turned consumable in a way that they can be used in the highest quality regardless of the season and climate. If not so, a large amount of the production will deteriorate and sometimes deemed nocuous to human health. To address the issue, a number of people must be trained and educated to properly preserve the produce for the continuum of public consumption by making use of their professional and academic abilities.


Duration of the program

The BSc program for sciences and food industry may continue up to 4 years and a maximum of 6 years in accordance with educational regulations. Every academic year will include two semesters with duration of 16 full weeks. The educational system for the program is modular and 66 Hrs. of classic class hours have been intended for every module.

There are 140 modular lessons to be learned in this program in accordance with the academic chart provided by the department:

Common courses 20 credits.

Basic Science courses 35 credits.

Main courses 17 credits

Specialized courses 59 credits.

9 optional credits.


Aims and Occupational Possibilities:

The graduates of this program can seek occupational possibilities in the following matters:

As managers of storage units, refinements and production of food.

As chief executives, laboratory executives, production manager of relevant industries and quality check.


Necessity and Importance:

Attention to storage and production to agricultural produce as consumable commodities with acceptable quality is of vital importance because if the procedure is not paid appropriate attention to, a large proportion of produce is speculated to be wasted or may not have the required quality upon production. Therefore, it comes with great importance to train and educate experts and professionals to take the matter under their managerial and academic observation through conducting various researches, programming and providing proper education.