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08 Oct 2013
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Bahar Faculty of food industry

The Faculty of Food Industry of Bahar was established in 2011 with the effort and endeavors of Bu-Ali Sina University and also, mayoral and provincial authorities, under Almighty God and the wise guidance of the Supreme Leader set in mind. Due to the potentials of the province and especially the city of Bahar in the matter of agricultural produce and animal husbandry and the need of refining these products to be exhibited and sold in internal and foreign markets in quality, it was of great importance to educate students in food industry programs to exploit, empower and modernize the manufacturing abilities of the province with their professional help, perseverance and skill.

The Faculty is currently located in Imam Khomeini Boulevard of the city of Bahar with its major activities being in two adjacent buildings at the grounds of about 900m2. With the laboratories, mosque, Basij headquarters, classes and computer site and also the offices of the employees and professors being in building No.1 and the cafeteria library and the office of the learned society to be found in building No.2. The mentioned building was accumulated and equipped to temporarily fulfill the academic needs of the University and with the Municipality of Bahar expected to dedicate an extra piece of land from the grounds of the city to the University, a new building is to be constructed, dedicated to academic research and educational boards to further the advance and growth of the Faculty.

By 2016, 6 years after the establishment of the faculty, many graduates of the Faculty have enrolled in higher education in the most sophisticated universities of the country such as Tehran University, Isfahan University of Technology, University of Tabriz, Hamedan University of Medical Sciences, etc.  And many more being employed in different food industry manufactories across the country to provide their expertise. After continuous endeavors and perseverance of Dr. Saaki, the Dean of the Faculty, and his esteemed deputy, Mr. Mostafa Karami, the permission to provide and institutionalize MSc. level education in the field of food technology was obtained in 2018 and put into action with the hard work of the faculty's faculty members.

The laboratories of the faculty have been equipped with the most advanced apparatus and machinery to announce the accession of the university to provide educational services not only to the students and faculty members of Bu-Ali Sina University for their research and MA thesis studies, but also to others.

The Faculty is willing to accept experimentations elaborated in the laboratorial services department of the University by receiving specimen and uploading the results to centlab.basu.ac.ir after having conducted related experiments accordingly.


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The adjacent building to the Faculty includes the cafeteria and kitchen in the lower level and library and study in the upper level.